Original Art in Pastel by Bev

Bev in her Studio
Bev is the owner of 
bjsartworks Framing Gallery Studio and
Saunders Gallery of Fine Art located at 
The Shirt Factory
 in Glens Falls, where she has operated her business for more than 8 years.
She is co-founder of the Adirondack Pastel Society and is now president of this
well respected group of pastel artists.

Bev has been working in the medium of pastel for more than 20 years
 and continues to work the medium,
 challenging the limitless possibilities of pastel painting.
Cape Impressions - Sold

Artist Statement
My work in pastels, are a constant study in color, texture and the relationships
 of light and atmosphere.
My portraits, whether they be animals, people or homes,
 are intended to capture the unique personality of the subject.
 Commissions are WELCOME!
By capturing time and space in landscapes, you can create a sense of peace and serenity.
 In todays fast pace world these qualities are hard to come by.
My landscapes are inspired by photographs of places that are special to me.
I, in turn, wish to share that with the viewer.
Please take a moment to step out of the now
 and into a place which clears the mind and renews the spirit.
Stop by my Studio at “The Shirt Factory”, or my website

Friends of Hovey Pond - Large  $675.00

Justice and Pancake - Commission Portrait

Award winning - Donated to Friends of IBA 

Andrea at Sanibel - Not for Sale

Life between the Rocks - 375.00

Nest and Birch - Sold

Road to LOJ/High Peaks - 380.00

Lily's Light - Not for Sale

Ocean's I - Sold

Snowy Owl - Donated for Auction Friends of IBA

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